As Translation Coordinator

If you’re a tech writer, localization manager, or translation coordinator, you know firsthand just how chaotic the translation process can be with your internal clients.

It goes like this: your internal client initiates a project, but the files are never in the correct format and the deadline is often unrealistic. With limited resources and for lack of a better process, you send it straight to the Language Service Provider (LSP) and hope they meet the deadline. The content is unseen for weeks and you’re left waiting for the completed work to arrive back in your inbox, only to send it to your reviewer with no foreseeable return. The entire exercise is disjointed, the costs can’t be budgeted, and there is no transparency into where the real issues are.

In the back of your mind you know there has to be a better way. Because your current practice is decentralized between your client, the LSPs and the reviewers, you’re left with little or no Translation Memory (TM), a stressful project experience that you’d rather not repeat, and no real control over the entire process. However, changing or implementing a new software system sounds like a painful endeavor as well. Kinetic’s customizable Translation Management System (TMS), TheGlobalizorTM, ties everything together for you.

Getting content translated shouldn’t be so hard.

TheGlobalizorTM TMS and support services will give you the following benefits:

  • A deadline-driven process that holds everyone accountable
  • An automated process including workflows and communications that make your job easier
  • Growing your TM means a quicker turnaround
  • Save costs year-over-year by building your TM and controlling it
  • Maintain relationships with your existing LSPs, as TheGlobalizorTM is a supplier-independent platform
  • Create greater quality and consistency with a centralized process that gets everyone on the same page
  • Create a uniform process and keep automated metrics, enabling process improvement and project troubleshooting
  • Gain oversight on the complex translation process versus living in the dark
  • Automatically capture comprehensive translation metrics to track each step of the process
  • Scalability: TheGlobalizor™ makes it easy to add new users/units
  • Training is simple and suppliers join at no cost

We built our system from the ground up for the corporate user, not the LSPs, with the ultimate goal of simplifying translation management. Simply put, we believe that translation management should be transparent, easy to manage, and easy to understand.

After more than a decade of real-world experience, we’ve created a solution that takes the chaos out of translations and brings order through a methodological, comprehensive approach. With the ultimate goal of optimizing your translation management process, it transforms the translation buying experience from a series of hurdles into a seamless, strategic, and efficient system.

Trust us when we say that your content is in good hands.

As Procurement

As a procurement manager, it’s second nature for you to look for ways to improve company processes and save dollars.

The translation process isn’t seen as a problematic process because it remains behind-the-scenes. But the pitfalls in the translation process are numerous. First, translations are not seen as a line item, so there is no budgeting and there may be more than one supplier when you have multiple global offices. You care about ROI and want to see year-over-year cost savings, but you are having a difficult time knowing exactly where the spend is going, how it breaks down, and if your global business is truly making good financial decisions. There are more than 28,000 suppliers serving the marketplace, translations are a commodity!

For most businesses, tracking the cost of translations is a nebulous task. You’re billed for the work, but the cost break down is nonexistent and the line item on the general ledger becomes bundled costs (i.e. advertising spend) that can’t be tracked. Without a cost-savings analysis, how can you show proof of ROI? With no transparency into the process, it’s all guess work.

Furthermore, your translation team is left in the dark with no way to pinpoint delays and hold everyone accountable—the black hole. Content is sent to your suppliers and when it emerges it is past due, with no visibility into the cost or process.

TheGlobalizorTM, Kinetic’s TMS, is changing all of that.

Centralization Will Save Your Organization!

Procurement’s inability to capture centralized translation data and create metrics can best be described by the story of one Kinetic client. A division of a Fortune 50 company was facing many of the common problems that come with the translation process. It was not clear to the procurement manager the number of translation suppliers or what the total translation spend was since invoices were in multiple departments often with translation costs hidden. Everything was decentralized and the bundled costs they were used to working with left them with an inability to budget.

This company decided to take advantage of Kinetic’s Front End Assessment and what they discovered was invaluable.

Show Me The Savings

The Front End Assessment performed by Kinetic opened the company’s eyes and empowered them with comprehensive metrics that allowed them to track each step of the process along with the costs associated with each step, enabling consistent process improvement, pinpointing delays, and true oversight of the process.

Here are three key breakdowns:

  • Procurement estimated that their translation spend was around $200,000 a year. Our Front End Assessment showed that the unreported global units were spending $12 million a year.
  • They estimated that they were currently working with two suppliers. After our Front End Assessment, they discovered 15 hidden suppliers translating their content.
  • They found inconsistent pricing across multiple departments and within individual suppliers.

TheGlobalizorTM will reveal cost savings in your business.

TheGlobalizorTM will allow you to:

  • Receive global supplier pricing across all departments worldwide
  • Centralize the process and aggregate translation volume, which can be used as a negotiating chip to lower costs
  • Have accurate and thorough business intelligence to assist in your LSP negotiation and management reporting processes, thus improving translation quality and cost savings
  • Provide year-on-year cost savings that can benefit you professionally, and your business financially
  • Reports and metrics that show your actual spend and enable you to budget and troubleshoot
  • Receive supplier performance ratings that will allow your people to choose the best supplier for each project
  • See your actual translation spend and budget more accurately
  • Give you the ability to confirm that the supplier is meeting the negotiated contract price
  • Provide centralized TM storage as opposed to housing separately on every translation provider’s server
  • Accumulate TM from all divisions to increase match rates and drive costs down
  • Quickly show benefits through integration of a newly acquired company

As Management

You’re a busy executive and thinking about your company’s translation issues is not on your radar.

You would rather focus your attention on your company’s global expansion. If your business is entering new markets, the success of the global expansion is largely dependent on the quality and timely delivery of your product or service properly localized and translated. Wouldn’t you want a seamless translation process to ensure profitability? The right TMS will take the anxiety out of global expansion.

It’s hard to have control over multiple languages and maintain accountability. Multiple users and departments along with global offices are all touchpoints in the translation process. Is your current translation process working in a cohesive and timely fashion to create the localization quality needed to optimize product sales around the globe? It may appear that your process is solid, but from our decades of experience, we’re here to tell you that there is plenty of room for improvement.

Going Global Shouldn't Be So Difficult.

Forging Into New Markets.

Knowledge is power, and the more information you have about your translation costs and savings, the more you’re able to forge ahead with your products and services into new countries around the world. TheGlobalizorTM provides you with a host of information that executives in your position have never seen with their current translation process.

  • Centralized, enterprise-wide process that is scalable
  • Accountability within your internal staff and suppliers
  • Year-over-year cost savings and ROI
  • Metrics and trending capabilities
  • Ability to switch supplier partners at any time
  • Bidding power that drives down supplier pricing
  • Peace of mind when facilitating global expansion
  • Scalability in new mergers and acquisitions
  • Global brand consistency

Translation and localization for your product launch should be a standard versus an exercise when it comes to expanding into new markets. Kinetic understands this and has developed a translation process management solution that ensures accountability, localization quality, and timely delivery of the target language content. By centralizing your content and giving you control over your intellectual property, TheGlobalizor™ provides immediate ROI, year-over-year cost savings, and transparency that puts you in control to make crucial global decisions.

Kinetic’s TheGlobalizor™ TMS is a solution unlike anything else on the market today.

TheGlobalizorTM is the difference maker. We take the chaos of your current process and create order.

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