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At its core, the complete translation management system offered by Kinetic, TheGlobalizor™, is a solution founded on two simple principles: keeping the customer in control of the process and the idea that saving money should always be a priority for all organizations.

TheGlobalizor™ puts leaders in a unique position to see the “bigger picture” in terms of an enterprise’s silos. Aspects of a business like HR, marketing, technical publications, legal, research and development often have separate translation management systems, which creates artificial barriers that only over-complicate operations, creating waste and spending more money than necessary in the process. Utilizing TheGlobalizor™ allows for a simplified and optimized process.

The Many Benefits of Translation Management

When people start tracking metrics on the savings generated by translation management systems, many are pleasantly shocked to see a double-digit opportunity. As the translation memory matches generated by the system increase, the amount of actual human translation work decreases. This means that work is getting completed faster, communication is easier and more consistent, and your costs are being continually lowered at the same time.

Instead of different departments within a global organization working on their own, all of your resources are operating in tandem.


At the end of the day, procurement is actually about a great deal more than just buying goods and services. If anything, it’s about empowerment. It’s about leveraging the power of modern technology to your advantage to work smarter, not harder. It’s about spending money in the smartest possible way, allowing your company to expand into more countries and more languages. It’s about parlaying one successful investment into many. The money you save could then be used for your next big purchase.

The translation management system (TMS) and similar products offered by Kinetic allow businesses just like yours to create your own unique opportunities on your own terms. It then becomes more than just saving your business money – it’s about making your life easier every step of the way. Learn more about Kinetic by reading more of our blogs, this is the fifth point in our series, our other tips are: Centralize Your Translation Process, Centralize Your Translation Memory, Vendor Performance Ratings, and Bidding System.

To learn more about TheGlobalizor™, contact our team for more information or to schedule a demo.

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