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Our team has gathered a wealth of information about what creates an effective translation management process for an organization. One of the key elements of a streamlined process is a translation management system (TMS) that allows an organization to leverage multiple translation vendors.

In additional to our experience, industry research has also shown that the option for utilizing a TMS system with vendor independence is one of the top features desired by those comparing translation management systems. We developed TheGlobalizor™ to provide our clients with vendor independence

Vendor Independence

When utilizing a vendor independent TMS, you have the flexibility to choose a vendor that has a proven track record with translating a specific language or type of document (labels, technical data, packaging, etc.). For example, TheGlobalizormonitors a vendor’s performance ratings where you know that Vendor A has shown themselves to be particularly adept at translating documents to Spanish while Vendor B has shown that they are particularly skilled in translating materials into Catalan. Vendor independence allows you to use the best vendor for the specific language pair.

While leveraging multiple vendors, TheGlobalizor™ restricts a vendor’s access to only the projects they are assigned; and within a project, it supplies only TM content relevant to that project, not exposing your TM.

If you are searching for a TMS for your organization, be sure to select one that provides you with vendor independence. Feel free to contact our team if you have questions or need help with selecting the right TMS for your organization.

If you are interested in learning more about our vendor-independent TMS, TheGlobalizor™, we invite you to schedule a demo, so you can see it in action for yourself.

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