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The solutions we provide are centered around curing your translation headaches. If you’re often concerned about your translation projects meeting deadlines and staying within budget, or if you’re worried about quality and details being a hindrance to your company’s global expansion, Kinetic’s solutions can help. It starts with TheGlobalizor™ Translation Management System (TMS) managing the entire translation process and ends with monetary savings that will make an impact on your bottom line.

From front-end work like content input and Internationalization to the end of the translation project cycle, what you have is order, control, and a return on your investment. With service at the forefront of it all and a team that partners with clients from day one, Kinetic has a solution that will cure your translation management headaches.

The Complete Translation Management System

At its core, TheGlobalizor™ seeks to improve translation quality, grow TM, and create a uniform environment where everyone involved can see the progress in real-time. This means each department within your global organization can finally be on the same page, a welcomed relief.

Kinetic’s TheGlobalizor™ TMS is a solution unlike anything else on the market today. With the ultimate goal of simplifying enterprise translation management, it transforms the translation buying process from a series of hurdles into a seamless, strategic, efficient process. You are in control of the translation process and your intellectual property.

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Translation in its simplest form

Translations don’t have to be complicated. In fact, TheGlobalizor™ illuminates the process and allows you to view the progress in real-time. We’ve highlighted three key features TheGlobalizor™ has to offer.

1. New projects leverage all previous translations.

As TM matches increase, the amount of human translation work required decreases so your work is completed faster, with greater consistency, and at a lower cost.

2. Aggregate the total translation volume.

Your total annual volume drives pricing, giving you the power to reduce or even eliminate project management fees and minimum fees.

3. Gain full insight into each stage of each project.

The system measures and tracks everything from word count and word repeats to supplier errors, delivery performance, and cost-competitiveness. Imagine being able to replace the old ‘lump-sum invoice’ paradigm of most suppliers with one of line-item accountability. It’s a big change, but easy when you are in full control.

TheGlobalizorTM Process

Benefits of TheGlobalizor™

  • A deadline-driven process that holds everyone accountable
  • Growing your TM means a quicker turnaround
  • Save costs year-over-year by building your TM and controlling it
  • Centralize TM storage versus on every translation provider’s server by accumulating TM from all divisions, you will increase your match rates and drive down costs
  • Create greater quality and consistency with a centralized process that gets everyone on the same page, creates a uniform process, and keeps automated metrics, enabling process improvement and project troubleshooting
  • Scalability: TheGlobalizor™ makes it easy to add new users/units
  • Training is simple and suppliers join at no cost
  • Real-time dashboards give each of your users status updates of all their projects, with the power to drill into the details instantly
  • Gain oversight of the complex translation process versus living in the dark
  • Automatically capture comprehensive translation metrics to track each step of the process
  • Receive global supplier pricing across all departments, worldwide
  • Receive supplier performance ratings that will allow your people to choose the best supplier for each project
  • Ability to quickly show benefits through integration of a newly acquired company
  • Maintain relationships with your existing LSPs, as TheGlobalizor™ is a supplier-independent platform
  • An automated process, including workflows and communications, that make your job easier
  • Customized archiving and search functions eliminates duplication of translations by multiple users

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Key Services

Serving our clients well starts with providing the right services to fit the needs of the marketplace and employing a team to carry out the details. At Kinetic, we feel confident that both of these areas are covered. From the start of your translation project to the very last detail, check out some of the services we offer:


Kinetic employs a team of internationalization (i18n) experts, who prepare your documents to ensure that each project maximizes TM matches. Higher TM matches mean you save more money on your translation costs. This will reduce your supplier costs as all the upfront work is complete and your supplier can immediately concentrate on your translations.

I18n is basically a quality review on the files that you submit for translation. It makes a big impact on the quality of the bilingual files that the linguists work from, and it makes a big impact on the quality of your TM. I18n includes:

  • Pulling embedded content to ensure that image text is editable
  • Converting files into translatable file formats
  • Checking for missing or illegible content, particularly in scanned PDFs
  • Removing excess formatting to create complete, clean, translation-ready phrases
  • Merging table cells and text boxes as needed so that complete sentences or phrases are ready to go
  • Supplying bilingual, pre-translated files to your suppliers

Our i18n services operate on standard processes as well as any specific rules that might be provided by each client or business unit.

Desktop Publishing

Our experienced team of document and brand management experts is here to ensure that your translated documents are consistent with the source documents and are on brand. We have decades of experience working with global companies with strict Desktop Publishing (DTP) guidelines.

Our checklists include the following points for translation DTP:

  • Font choice and size appropriate for the translated document
  • Form fields and variable fields correctly replaced
  • SKU numbers and document names correctly modified for the target language
  • Formatting of the original is respected as much as possible in the target language version
  • Pulled text is reinserted into images
  • PDF forms are recreated for the target language version
  • All documents are proofed and quality-checked

Does your company have an existing library of assets that need to be brought up-to-date with your latest brand changes? Kinetic can help with that. Our team is adept at digesting brand guidelines and creating a working plan to move your documents through the process of rebranding and approval.

We can work with: Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and FrameMaker.

Project and Account Management

Our project and account management team means you will have a dedicated advocate who is there to help you improve your translation process. Your account manager will make your job easier by providing support, resolving document complications, communicating with your suppliers and discussing new features and enhancements. Your account manager will also provide in-depth training for new clients and LSP participants. We will create new user guides for you and your suppliers based on customizations you may make to your workflow or the system.

Our project managers are here to handle all the details. They’ll look over your project submissions, look for missing files, make sure all your instructions are clear, organize all the submitted material, and set the project in motion. They communicate with your LSPs as needed, watch that deadlines are respected, and make sure your TM gets updated with all the final changes.

Memory Maintenance

A centralized TM and regular TM maintenance allow the client to control their TM (after all, it is their intellectual property) and leverage previously translated text across multiple LSPs. Keeping your TM separated by supplier costs you time and money. Kinetic ensures you receive all you’ve contracted for, including the bilingual files for updating your TM. If your review team of subject matter experts comes back with edits on the translated documents, we can take care of making sure those final edits go into the TM as well, keeping you from correcting the same mistakes over and over again.

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