Our Team

Our team is the backbone of everything we do.
We rely on great people to provide our clients with top notch service.

Carrie Boone, Senior Account Manager; Ronald Hess, Chief Financial Officer; Gayle McKinley, Senior Account Manager; Steve Ragan, Chief Relationship Officer; G. Raymond Schuhmann, President & CEO; Tim Pitts, Director of Digital Imaging Services; Heather Murray, Director of Production; David Perry, Director of Information Technology & Security Officer

A Global Company
with Local Ties

Kinetic is located in Louisville, Kentucky, home to some of the world’s finest bourbons. In fact, our office is located inside of an 18th-century distillery.

In addition to its unique spirits, the city of Louisville is centrally located and home to some of the largest global businesses in the United States.

Our company’s main objective is to take the complexity out of the translation management process and provide you with the tools to ensure an efficient, transparent, and quality result. Our Microsoft Silver Enterprise Resource Planning Partner and HP Partner Certifications show our dedication to excellence.

Simply put, we’re here to help your global enterprise optimize the translation process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve and maintain a global competitive edge by providing software that facilitates the highest quality translations at the best price and with the fastest turnaround.

Our philosophy is simple: Delight our clients with technology solutions and outstanding support services to enable them to achieve their corporate goals across the globe.


Pioneers In Technology From The Very Beginning

Kinetic has long been on the leading edge of the digital wave. From print to digital and stops in between, we’ve continued to grow and adapt our business as technology has advanced through the years.

  • Kinetic was a pioneer in the birth of digital imaging. We bought and deployed two of the initial D148S film recorders, the same models used by NASA for digital creation and imaging devices. The devices were used to image satellite pictures onto photographic film.
  • Foreseeing the adoption of the PC within the corporate environment, Kinetic developed Words, Graphs & Art™ software modules, which became the corporate standard in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Kinetic was an early adopter of digital printing with color laser technology developed for the U.S. government to measure warheads from satellite pictures. The technology is still used today due to superior resolution and quality.
  • Kinetic developed one of the first web-based digital asset management systems as well as a brand asset management system, both based on our proprietary programming system, KBAM!™. This led to a long-standing relationship with HP along with the revolutionary implementation of one of the first web-based Global Print-on-Demand (POD) systems.
  • The POD application put Kinetic in a position to create an innovative solution to solve one Fortune 10 organization’s complex translation problems nearly 10 years ago. Today this Translation Management System (TMS), TheGlobalizor™, remains the focal point of our organization.

TheGlobalizor™ Enterprise TMS has the flexibility of being able to work for you. No matter your pain points or where you’re at in the translation management process, our system can be completely customized to address your needs.

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