Our Translation Management solutions are all centered on giving you the perfect blend of translation industry knowledge, process management power and buyer control.

With an auto-pilot approach to translation management, the unique features of TheGlobalizorTM benefit all participants within your organization. The entire translation ecosystem is housed in one place, with centralization and automation being the guiding forces. TheGlobalizorTM features a comprehensive metrics platform that will help you stay on-time and on-budget, while delivering quality translations. TheGlobalizorTM is available in two models: Enterprise (for established global organizations) and SaaS (per seat model for small and medium-sized global organizations).

Translation Coordinator

When time and money are on the line, your translation management system should be ready to perform. Because TheGlobalizorTM automates workflows throughout the entire translation process, you’ll notice a faster turnaround on projects. With comprehensive metrics in place, you’ll have the data needed to explore opportunities for process improvement and greater efficiency.


Reducing translation costs without sacrificing quality is important to you. Multiple suppliers, hidden costs and other unknown factors hinder the decision making process. With the ability to choose the best supplier for every project, along with the ability to view supplier performance ratings and track expenses, translation quality and budgetary concerns will always be in check.


When global expansion is top of mind, localization shouldn’t be an overwhelming concern. With a front-end approach that ensures time, monetary savings and quality results; TheGlobalizorTM takes the uncertainty out of breaking into new markets. We give you the control to make the best decision. After all, when your company is expanding, translations shouldn’t be holding you back.

We’re revolutionizing the translation process.